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Harley Towberman

Our precious Harley, who suffered with bone cancer, went to heaven last week. We are very blessed by God to have shared eleven years of life… loving and adoring Harley.

He was so very human to us. Harley loved so deeply, desired to heal anyone in need that was in his presence, had the honorable soul of a saint, and taught us how to feel real joy in the moment. The gift of his unconditional love will always be with us.

Nine years ago when we lost our eighteen year old treasured kitty Isabelle, whom we still miss, we felt her continued presence in little two year old Harley because she helped raise him. Now, we have our little Toby, Harley’s Golden brother who is five years old, remaining with us, who is carrying on Harley’s living legacy because Harley raised Toby from a pup and instilled his beautiful ways in his little brother.

We are grieving and yet feel totally blessed to have had Harley’s mind, body and soul join us in this life. We will deeply love Harley forever.

With gratitude for your support and prayers,

Tom and Wanda


Big Sir

ALWAYS: Big Sir was always a faithful fellow, and always full of love. He always greeted us with joy, always knew when we were happy, and always knew when we were sad. Always full of energy, until he became sick. Always knew when he was bad. Always knew when he was good. Always there, high or low. There can be no better and unconditional love.

We’ll miss you sweet friend, and our heart aches you ♥


Ralph Benes

Ralph fought a short but miserable battle with idiopathic epilepsy. He was only 15 months old and on 4 strong meds with little relief. He loved us unconditionally throughout. His beautiful piercing eyes , bounding joy and energy is dearly missed .Thank you Dr Thorpe for a peaceful and dignified passing


Tukcer Conn

Our sweet Tucker went across the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Here’s hoping he’s reunited with his sister, Scamper, and that they’re playfully chasing each other again.
I saw his face, so full of character, 12 years ago when as a stray, he came up to watch me wash my truck. He saw the big “S” for Sucker tattooed on my forehead and kept coming around. After being well-fed, he decided I could be his owner. The rest is history. I miss him so much my heart hurts!


Bart Eulogy SM


Sammy Regali

Right around this time two years ago, you were found wandering in Millsboro, VA all by yourself. Despite a lot of effort, your owners never claimed you. Initially considered “unadoptable” given your snowy white face and obvious old age, I stumbled across your picture online and immediately fell in love. Deciding to adopt an old dog wasn’t easy, because I knew today would eventually come and I knew my heart would break into a million pieces….But I also knew you didn’t see it that way. You had a lot more love to give. So you came home with us for a fresh start. Since then, you’ve visited every park and vineyard and golf course and dog-friendly B&B in central VA, jumped in a pool with a lifevest on, ate homemade dog cake and ice cream, went on hundreds of your beloved car rides, and slept in comfy hotel beds from Nags Head to Asheville. You let me cry into your fur more times than I’d like to admit and have made every day a little bit sweeter.
Some people probably think I’m silly for caring so much about an old dog I only knew for two years, but they didn’t know you. I only wish I could be with you for all the new adventures you’ll go on when your legs are working better and that silly old cancer is gone. Run free, sweet boy, and know that you are always with me. Love, your mom


Tina Ward

Where are you my little girl?

Where are you?

The house so empty now

I still hear faint pitter patters

I still see you sleeping on your sunny window perch

Where are you my little girl?

Early this morning through my bedroom skylight

I saw your face in the trees

little ears and nose

looking down

resting on your paws.

My fiesty fighter

shy sweet

loving little kitty

Stay in the trees always.

Rest in peace

my little girl.


Allie Bruggman

Allie (March 2004-March 2017) was a corgi/cattle dog mix. She was a rescue and we adopted her in 2006. Allie had 3 previous names and we will never know her story but we were the lucky ones. She was very intelligent, well-mannered, obedient, independent, protective, and quiet. She would let us know when it was time for any affection. True to the cattle dog breed, she developed a strong attachment to her owner. My husband was her person and she would not let him out of her sight. She would wait by the door whenever he was gone.
Our final gift to her was preparing for a peaceful death. Knowing she would be leaving us was very hard. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Thorpe for helping us through this difficult and emotional time. Allie had a good life with lots of love.

D. L. Bruggeman


Pinkie Crosson

Pinkie was a smart, funny, fierce and persistent dog who I feel very fortunate to have shared life with for 10 years. When I got her I had never owned a giant breed dog and had only recently learned of mastiffs as a breed. So there was a lot I learned about life as a result of my relationship with Pinkie. I was lucky enough to watch her birth as her mother was my friend Robin’s rescue charge. Pinkie and her 10 siblings entered the world tiny and underweight for their breed but to a dog they were resilient and grew quickly. I remember being awestruck by Pinkie’s fierce curiosity and indomitable spirit from her first day of life. One of my happiest memories is of watching her launch herself without hesitation into my backyard pool, swim merrily around in circles for close to an hour then climb regally out of the steps to shake an impressive amount of water off on all of us sitting poolside.
Pinkie will be sorely missed as she was an excellent hang out buddy and fabulous walking companion. Her delight in life, even when disabled near the end of her life, was both a lesson and a joy to me that will survive her.

Charlie P


“Loyal, Friend and True”

March 08 to February 17