Remembering Daisy

Daisy was more than ‘just a dog’ she was our baby, our family, our best friend and one of the great loves of our lives. She was always there with her calm loving presence, through losses, surgeries, triumphs and failures. She always seemed to know exactly what we needed; a lick on the hand, a golden smile or just letting us know she was there- just loving us through it all.

She was the ‘mother hen’ of our little family; the cats treated her as their mother, snuggling and sleeping alongside her. The other dogs looked to her for guidance and leadership, she was their role model and set the tone for best behavior. She loved her walks because she adored meeting people, particularly children. She loved her treats, her ball and getting pet by humans. She was always sweet and kind to everyone and every creature.

Our house is not the same without her loving, pure and genuine presence. My hope is when it is my time, I will be met by love Daisy and her sister Sugar, she was quite simply one of the sweetest souls I have ever know and I will miss her always. Goodbye my sweet girl, until we meet again.

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