Remembering Fatty


Fatty was my first “adult” pet that I adopted when I was 17 and she was 9 ish. Not much was mentioned in her bio at the rural shelter except that she liked to cuddle, liked food and enjoyed clawing furniture a little too much for her previous owner. This ended up being true for the duration of her life–fortunately I don’t have a taste for expensive furniture. She was there for every milestone moment in my life, both good and bad and I can honestly say she is the reason I got through some of the most trying and awful times in my adult life. She was known fondly by all friends and visitors as the greeter. Fatty never met a person she didn’t like. She loved belly rubs, water and the bathtub, Five Guys, chicken nuggets, deviled eggs, sushi, catnap, car rides, sitting out on the patio and sleeping with her head on my pillow as little spoon. Fatty was truly one of a kind and I am both sad and happy to know that I will never be able to find another creature quite like her. I am left with a “Fatty”-sized hole in my heart but grateful that I got 11 wonderful years with her, although I wish it could have been much longer than that. Working from home is exceptionally empty without Fatty either on my lap or at my feet. Thanks for being the best friend I could have asked for. I will miss you always–see you at the rainbow bridge <3

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