Remembering Mr. Wiggles

From Mr. Wiggles’ Mom, Alexa:
Mr. Wiggles crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday, September 14, 2018 on a beautiful day in the afternoon surrounded by his mommy, his dad Alex, his grandma Penni, and great-grandma Jane. Words can never fully describe the love I have for him. Mr. Wiggles came into my life at just 14 years old, as a week old kitten found in a tool shed. I really learned true responsibility as I bottle-fed, litter-box trained, and bathed this little kitten the size of my hand, into a gorgeous and loving boy. 
For 15 years this fellow went with me everywhere. He moved with me to Staunton, to JMU (where he graduated from college), and to Charlottesville. I never once felt alone or scared because he was there by my side, chasing my dreams with me. Throughout the good times and bad he was there right beside me, giving me so much unconditional love. While I saved him from that tool shed, he saved my life every single day, giving me laughter, hope, happiness, and that furry paw to hold my hand and cry with me if I needed to. This announcement alone cannot possibly show all the wonderful memories I have with him-or else it would go on forever. 
Sometimes we get that love in your life-whether it is romantic, friendship, or something else, that changes your life and shows you the true meaning of love. Not every person gets that love and bond, and I am so thankful and fortunate that I got that love. Mr. Wiggles gave that wonderful gift to me along with so many gifts. Thank you Mr. Wiggles for the honor to be your mom, your human, your world. You are my world and always will be my sweet boy, my best buddy. Just as I said to you every day since we met until the moment you took your last breath in my arms, I love you more than anything in this world.


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