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My sweet, loving little boy

My little white shadow

My kitty soul mate

I will miss:

having to re-clip the blinds every night after you jump into the window and knock them out

the “ticka-ticka-tick” of your claws across the floor when I call you for cuddles

your sweet “meow” when you roll onto your back asking me for belly rubs

burying my face in your soft little kitty belly

your gentle little love bites

kissing your puffy white cheeks

rearranging the kitchen rug several times a day because you tried to wrap yourself up in it

seeing you sleeping peacefully on the bed

your little kitty body in the window staring intently at things I can never see

how excited and noisy you get at mealtimes

the way you dig around in the toybox looking for the exact toy you want

your amazing soccer goalie skills

you greeting me noisily at the door when I come home

the way you love with complete abandon, turning into a sweet little bundle of head bumps, purrs and drool

your gentle, loving presence
For such a little man, you take up so much space in my heart. I am so, so thankful for the time we had together. I only wish it could have been longer.


“Decker came to us from a family who could no longer care for him as they felt they should. Decker jumped right in our car the first time my husband met him and perhaps the dog knew that we would need him so much over the years. He was a companion for our first dog, a therapist for me, a buddy to my husband, and the first dog my son ever walked. Decker was the reason we bought a king-sized bed as he grew accustomed to (read: refused to leave) sleeping in between us. He loved food and walks and accompanied us on many hikes. When our first son passed away at home with us 10 days after birth, Decker – who normally could be found sleeping the day away on the loveseat – followed me from room to room until he felt I would recover and be all right. He was a special soul who understand life better than perhaps any of us ever will. We loved him, were grateful for him, and will always remember our Decker Dog.”


Daisy was more than ‘just a dog’ she was our baby, our family, our best friend and one of the great loves of our lives. She was always there with her calm loving presence, through losses, surgeries, triumphs and failures. She always seemed to know exactly what we needed; a lick on the hand, a golden smile or just letting us know she was there- just loving us through it all.

She was the ‘mother hen’ of our little family; the cats treated her as their mother, snuggling and sleeping alongside her. The other dogs looked to her for guidance and leadership, she was their role model and set the tone for best behavior. She loved her walks because she adored meeting people, particularly children. She loved her treats, her ball and getting pet by humans. She was always sweet and kind to everyone and every creature.

Our house is not the same without her loving, pure and genuine presence. My hope is when it is my time, I will be met by love Daisy and her sister Sugar, she was quite simply one of the sweetest souls I have ever know and I will miss her always. Goodbye my sweet girl, until we meet again.


Our family is devastated by the loss of our sweet, Callie girl. She was loved beyond words as a member of our family. Her life hasn’t always been a good one. Her first two years, she found herself chained to a tree, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with little shelter, food and water. Thankfully, with help from my Mother-in-law, she was able to escape those conditions and live the rest of her life with us. Callie has been a part of our family for 11 years and even after the neglect and mistreatment of humans she has always shown nothing but love, kindness and loyalty. In our home she was known as the “Best girl dog in the world” and was told regularly. Saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest things we’ve ever done but we knew it was her time to cross over. We take comfort in knowing that many will welcome her upon her arrival at the Rainbow Bridge and that her pain is gone.

We love you so much, sweet girl. You will be forever missed and never forgotten. You are etched in our hearts and souls and we can never thank you enough for the love that you provided our family.

All our love,

Kara, Jay, Ethan and Jake


We are so lucky to have known and loved Ted. He liked scratching his chin on a hardcover book, sneaking onto the kitchen counter, sunbathing, and curling up in his bed like a cinnamon roll. At night, he enjoyed reading with Mom and watching TV with Dad. We miss his loud Insta-purr, the sound of his pads on our hardwood floors, and his evening snuggles.


Peach was one of a kind. From his bobcat like spots, mane like a lion and big fluffy tail to his wild free wheeling personality combined with the most tender loving moments, he truly commanded his world. He was confident everything existed for his benefit and he repaid any attention given to him with absolute entertainment and unconditional affection. Although an indoor cat, he joined us on the patio often in his “vest” (required to contain him from taking off and playing hide and seek with us). On more than one occasion he would suddenly take off deciding he could “take down” one of our resident deer. How he must have seen himself in this world! In the house on occasion he enjoyed giving you a scare as you walked past – where he would leap up from a chair, give you a bat with his paws (without his claws out) and marvel when you jumped at his surprise attack. And other times he would cuddle up, with a huge purr, often pulling your hand or arm close to him in his tender moments. He would do his best to converse with us humans, having adopted many different types of tones and melodies depending on what he was trying to convey. He never had to worry about anyone understanding what he wanted. He was always clear, confident and persistent to make his point. He charmed everyone he met and everyone adored him in return (to his great pleasure!). Thank you dear boy for the 16 years! What a joy it was to be with you!


Dear Oliver
Molly brought you into our family 10 years ago . You have helped us support her growth into a young woman . As she has launched herself to a new place and career in Charleston SC your work is done.
We will always remember you joyfully chasing butterflies here on the mountain . Thank you for your unconditional love .


Max was the only dog we ever chose, picking him out at the Louisa County Animal Shelter. Our previous dogs had either shown up at our house, or the farm, or we were talked into “taking one” of litter found somewhere. We about lost him early on after suffering a severe trauma to his back leg. Thankfully Dr. Tucker of Orange was willing to get his leg functional again without costing us one of our limbs. Max went on to live a very long and full life. He thoroughly enjoyed his days being able to roam a large area free along with sunning at the back door and the driveway. He was always a faithful companion while my husband did his various outdoor projects. And of course he was always there to greet us with his wagging tail when we came home. Goodbye old friend!


Samson Root

Samson, you were the best boy. You were truly in a league of your own, words can’t really describe it. You were always there when we needed you, a cuddle when you knew someone was sad, you were a gentle soul. You enjoyed so many things in your life, walks and rides in the car were your favorite. You completed your mission on earth. You helped raise two boys and you absolutely adored all children. You were just the sweetest, smartest and strongest boy. You were such an important part of our family and you will be missed so very much. We
hope that you are at peace, know that we will never forget you and we will see you again one day.


Beau Athisar


We said goodbye to our beautiful boy this week. We are grieving, remembering and giving thanks for the gift he was to us. Like many dogs, Beau always pulled us into the now. He was given to us for this purpose. He didn’t hold grudges or regrets from the past, and he didn’t worry about the future. He was always present to what was going on today. He looked no further than the brief time following words like “treat,” “walk,” or “Do you want to go to the river?”

General Beauregard Haynesworth was a sensitive, gentle soul in the body of an 85 pound yellow lab. If things got tense, he left the room. If there was a baby near, he positioned himself gently by her. He never growled in anger. He loved to be close enough to touch. His expressions told the story of the moment – “I’m so glad to see you,” “I did something I should not have,” “It’s time to eat,” “Gotta go potty.”

We are missing him tremendously – he left a huge hole in our hearts – but we rest in the joy that he is in a place where cancer doesn’t exist, chasing balls and swimming in creeks again.