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Remembering Mystic: Mystic, you were the best dog we could have asked for; full of energy, playfulness, and occasional mischief. Thank you for keeping Dylan warm at night in high school; for getting Cassie out to exercise every day after school, and for keeping Brad such great company when he was the only child left at home. Your Mom appreciates all the runs you went on with her, and your Dad can’t thank you enough for how well behaved you were. You were a beautiful dog who stopped drivers, walkers, and runners in their tracks when they saw you. You kept us all entertained with your toys, sparkle, and peaceful presence. We miss you!!


Our family lost yet another furry family member this week, truly the best dog we’ve ever had. Our Fatty, lil Fat Man, brought us so much happiness and laughter over these 11 years. He had tons of character and personality, and he was truly the boss in this family. His favorite things were cuddling for hours if you’d let him, and he’d spend all day and night outside hunting and eating bugs, worms, praying mantises and even frogs. He was plagued with problems from the start, but he never that stop him. I hope Sammy was waiting for him in heaven, as they were best buds.
Ricky, my son, said it best yesterday: Even though it hurts so much to say goodbye, it’s worth it because of all the happy memories and laughter he brought to our family.
We love you Fat Fat!! We’ll see you in heaven! ❤️ 😢😢




Our dear sweet Epiphany. We called her Eppie. September 1, 2004-July 17, 2018

Eppie was the runt and wasn’t supposed to make it. After living in a kennel for two years, she adopted herself to Mom and Dad in Camden, Maine. She was “Dog of the Year” and has a plaque at the Camden National Bank. She decided her Mom and Dad needed to be closer to family so she moved them to Charlottesville. Her pack lived in the cottages at the Colonnades until health issues moved everyone to Assisted Living. Eppie continued to bring joy and comfort to everyone she met. Eppie’s devotion and companionship countered the ugly grip of serious physical difficulties for Mom and the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease on Dad. After retiring from caregiving, Eppie spent the last two years romping in the garden and generally being spoiled rotten. Her smile, gentle nudges, kisses, wiggles and unconditional love will be remembered and cherished forever. ❤️


My sweet, loving little boy

My little white shadow

My kitty soul mate

I will miss:

having to re-clip the blinds every night after you jump into the window and knock them out

the “ticka-ticka-tick” of your claws across the floor when I call you for cuddles

your sweet “meow” when you roll onto your back asking me for belly rubs

burying my face in your soft little kitty belly

your gentle little love bites

kissing your puffy white cheeks

rearranging the kitchen rug several times a day because you tried to wrap yourself up in it

seeing you sleeping peacefully on the bed

your little kitty body in the window staring intently at things I can never see

how excited and noisy you get at mealtimes

the way you dig around in the toybox looking for the exact toy you want

your amazing soccer goalie skills

you greeting me noisily at the door when I come home

the way you love with complete abandon, turning into a sweet little bundle of head bumps, purrs and drool

your gentle, loving presence
For such a little man, you take up so much space in my heart. I am so, so thankful for the time we had together. I only wish it could have been longer.


“Decker came to us from a family who could no longer care for him as they felt they should. Decker jumped right in our car the first time my husband met him and perhaps the dog knew that we would need him so much over the years. He was a companion for our first dog, a therapist for me, a buddy to my husband, and the first dog my son ever walked. Decker was the reason we bought a king-sized bed as he grew accustomed to (read: refused to leave) sleeping in between us. He loved food and walks and accompanied us on many hikes. When our first son passed away at home with us 10 days after birth, Decker – who normally could be found sleeping the day away on the loveseat – followed me from room to room until he felt I would recover and be all right. He was a special soul who understand life better than perhaps any of us ever will. We loved him, were grateful for him, and will always remember our Decker Dog.”


We are so lucky to have known and loved Ted. He liked scratching his chin on a hardcover book, sneaking onto the kitchen counter, sunbathing, and curling up in his bed like a cinnamon roll. At night, he enjoyed reading with Mom and watching TV with Dad. We miss his loud Insta-purr, the sound of his pads on our hardwood floors, and his evening snuggles.


Sunny February 2002 – February 2018 Always sweet, always hungry.

Sunny loved his home and his yard, his cat and his family. He never did like to travel. He didn’t like brooms, vacuum cleaners and electronic sounds of any sort. He didn’t like having his photo taken and usually turned away. Sunny’s great passion in life was food, and lots of it. Sunny aged gracefully and was always a trooper.
He was a very good dog and we miss him.


Max was the only dog we ever chose, picking him out at the Louisa County Animal Shelter. Our previous dogs had either shown up at our house, or the farm, or we were talked into “taking one” of litter found somewhere. We about lost him early on after suffering a severe trauma to his back leg. Thankfully Dr. Tucker of Orange was willing to get his leg functional again without costing us one of our limbs. Max went on to live a very long and full life. He thoroughly enjoyed his days being able to roam a large area free along with sunning at the back door and the driveway. He was always a faithful companion while my husband did his various outdoor projects. And of course he was always there to greet us with his wagging tail when we came home. Goodbye old friend!


Tayto on lap

Our Tayto appeared one chilly night on our front porch, where we’d left some food out for neighbor cats, and we immediately fell in love with her. For the next ten months, she returned every single night and slowly became more comfortable and affectionate, until we felt the time was right to bring her inside to live with us. She took a few months to acclimate and learn to use a litter box, but then she just bloomed and absolutely loved being an inside cat. She was incredibly smart and playful, and she was an amazing nurse and companion to our other, elderly cat during his final months. All she wanted was to be near us and cuddle — so much so that we nicknamed her Noodle, for how much she loved to “canoodle.”

She was the bright light in our lives and made us happy every single day. With her, hard days were easier and easy days even better. She gave us three wonderful years of nonstop love, but then her beautiful little heart just gave out, and we had to suddenly let her go. As Robert Frost wrote, “Nothing gold can stay,” and without question, our little Tayto was truly golden through and through. A thousand years wouldn’t have been enough, but we are thankful for every single second we had with our sweet girl.


Cyrene Tickle 2

Our beautiful, amazing girl came to us on December 15th 2002 and left us on her own terms this December day. She was the most beautiful soul I have ever met. She was the puppy that we weren’t getting. She was the puppy who healed our hearts. She was full of life and joy and herself. She was our first agility dog and little did we know how talented she really was. She was with us every day for the last 15 years. Her suffering ended quickly without the assistance of the vet but in the comfort of our home and our love. We are both devastated at her passing. Please pray for us as we mourn her passing and her beautiful, everlasting soul.

July 30, 2002 – December 1, 2017