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“There must be a heaven for the animal friends we love.

They are not human, yet they bring out our own humanity….

Sometimes in ways that other people cannot.

They do not worry about fame or fortune….

Instead, they bring our hearts nearer to the joy of simple things.

Each day they teach us little lessons in trust and steadfast affection.

Whatever heaven may be, there’s surely a place in it for friends as good as these.”

Maize and Butters



Snoopy Roper

We let Snoopy go on June 25th and it was as easy for my sweet boy as I hoped it would be.
Snoopy hated car rides. He loved being home with our other dog, cats and his chickens. He enjoyed watching the neighbor boys play basketball and walking to the mailbox with another neighbor. He wasn’t the smartest dog – took us 11 years to teach him to bark for a treat but he had the biggest heart and is missed by many.


Harley Towberman

Our precious Harley, who suffered with bone cancer, went to heaven last week. We are very blessed by God to have shared eleven years of life… loving and adoring Harley.

He was so very human to us. Harley loved so deeply, desired to heal anyone in need that was in his presence, had the honorable soul of a saint, and taught us how to feel real joy in the moment. The gift of his unconditional love will always be with us.

Nine years ago when we lost our eighteen year old treasured kitty Isabelle, whom we still miss, we felt her continued presence in little two year old Harley because she helped raise him. Now, we have our little Toby, Harley’s Golden brother who is five years old, remaining with us, who is carrying on Harley’s living legacy because Harley raised Toby from a pup and instilled his beautiful ways in his little brother.

We are grieving and yet feel totally blessed to have had Harley’s mind, body and soul join us in this life. We will deeply love Harley forever.

With gratitude for your support and prayers,

Tom and Wanda


Ralph Benes

Ralph fought a short but miserable battle with idiopathic epilepsy. He was only 15 months old and on 4 strong meds with little relief. He loved us unconditionally throughout. His beautiful piercing eyes , bounding joy and energy is dearly missed .Thank you Dr Thorpe for a peaceful and dignified passing


Bart Eulogy SM


Tina Ward

Where are you my little girl?

Where are you?

The house so empty now

I still hear faint pitter patters

I still see you sleeping on your sunny window perch

Where are you my little girl?

Early this morning through my bedroom skylight

I saw your face in the trees

little ears and nose

looking down

resting on your paws.

My fiesty fighter

shy sweet

loving little kitty

Stay in the trees always.

Rest in peace

my little girl.


Trey Winchester Smith

To the best snuggle buddy in the world! Thank you for 12 years of unconditional love, kisses, enjoying morning coffee together and providing Noah, Lola and Emry with some of their best childhood memories. We miss you immensely but know you’re finally running and chasing those birds pain free.


Allie Bruggman

Allie (March 2004-March 2017) was a corgi/cattle dog mix. She was a rescue and we adopted her in 2006. Allie had 3 previous names and we will never know her story but we were the lucky ones. She was very intelligent, well-mannered, obedient, independent, protective, and quiet. She would let us know when it was time for any affection. True to the cattle dog breed, she developed a strong attachment to her owner. My husband was her person and she would not let him out of her sight. She would wait by the door whenever he was gone.
Our final gift to her was preparing for a peaceful death. Knowing she would be leaving us was very hard. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Thorpe for helping us through this difficult and emotional time. Allie had a good life with lots of love.

D. L. Bruggeman


Lexi K

“Lexi was a very sweet girl who loved to run, swim, eat treats, and most of all, be with her family. We all really miss her. She will live in our hearts forever.”


Sebastian 2000-2016
Sebastian was a half-grown stray kitten hanging around my agency when one of the security personnel asked if I could help. I and a friend took him to my vet for the day, and then I took him home that night. One gaze into those gold-green eyes with his paws wrapped around my neck and I was lost.
Sebastian was an amazingly friendly cat, trusting and liking everyone, and quickly became my Walmart greeter. He greeted everyone who came to my house, accompanying them anywhere in the house, supervising and keeping company with them until they left, workman or visitor. If I had an overnight guest or company who stayed longer, he ensured that they were not lonely or missing their pets, always snuggling, always softly purring. He helped me do most everything, although I think his favorite was wrapping Christmas presents. And Sebastian had an uncanny ability to know where I was going, always preceding me to that destination so he’d be there, ready to help whatever I was doing.
In addition to the sun, he also loved my other cats and dogs, one dog in particular with similar coloring so I have many pictures of them snoozing together. He never got angry (well, maybe with one particular cat) but always gracefully giving way until the time was right for his turn, even with my computer. Many a time I’d be sitting with my laptop on my lap and suddenly find a buff-and-white cat on the laptop gazing into my eyes for the anticipated nuzzling and stroking.
As do many cats, Sebastian became hyperthyroid. The crushed pills in food were ok for quite a long time but then he suddenly took a dislike and refused them. The flavored medicine squirted into his mouth was absolutely detested and, for the first time in his life, avoided me like the plague. His meds were changed to an ointment rubbed into his ear, which was acceptable to him and he trusted me again. But the hyperthyroidism became uncontrollable and, when added to his congestive heart failure, told me his time was limited. I had his favorite canned foods available at all hours of the day and night, and was woken up several times a night so he could snack. He was with me far longer than anyone expected, but the inevitable happened and he just quit eating.
Thank you, Dr. Thorpe, for allowing my beloved Sebastian to cross in the warmth and safety of his own home.