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Remembering Mystic: Mystic, you were the best dog we could have asked for; full of energy, playfulness, and occasional mischief. Thank you for keeping Dylan warm at night in high school; for getting Cassie out to exercise every day after school, and for keeping Brad such great company when he was the only child left at home. Your Mom appreciates all the runs you went on with her, and your Dad can’t thank you enough for how well behaved you were. You were a beautiful dog who stopped drivers, walkers, and runners in their tracks when they saw you. You kept us all entertained with your toys, sparkle, and peaceful presence. We miss you!!


Our family lost yet another furry family member this week, truly the best dog we’ve ever had. Our Fatty, lil Fat Man, brought us so much happiness and laughter over these 11 years. He had tons of character and personality, and he was truly the boss in this family. His favorite things were cuddling for hours if you’d let him, and he’d spend all day and night outside hunting and eating bugs, worms, praying mantises and even frogs. He was plagued with problems from the start, but he never that stop him. I hope Sammy was waiting for him in heaven, as they were best buds.
Ricky, my son, said it best yesterday: Even though it hurts so much to say goodbye, it’s worth it because of all the happy memories and laughter he brought to our family.
We love you Fat Fat!! We’ll see you in heaven! ❤️ 😢😢




dema snow

In honor of Dema Lynn:

We “saved” you from the kennel, but we all know that it was you that provided us a gift. You always lived by your own rules (pet when you want to be petted), and always had an independent spirit. You were loyal, silly, lovable and cute. Your life was shorter than we all would have liked, but you experienced it with grace and confidence. Even at your lowest, you never let it show.

You were loved whole heartedly, and you will be missed more than you know. Please say hello to the friends and family that we’ve lost. Now may you be free to chase all the squirrels that you want!!


Derrick, Alyica, and Samba (and even the cats)


Tiki Goodloe

We had to say goodbye to this very fine family member today. She gave over 14 years of unconditional love and joy (with a little mischief mixed in). And for this we are so grateful. We will miss you Tiki Barber.


Butters Savides

“We sent our sweet Butters to Rainbow Bridge on October 24. He went peacefully and with dignity. He is now free to “go astray” as he loved to do – oh how he loved his walks. We will always be grateful for his devotion – we will miss our good boy.”


Snoopy Roper

We let Snoopy go on June 25th and it was as easy for my sweet boy as I hoped it would be.
Snoopy hated car rides. He loved being home with our other dog, cats and his chickens. He enjoyed watching the neighbor boys play basketball and walking to the mailbox with another neighbor. He wasn’t the smartest dog – took us 11 years to teach him to bark for a treat but he had the biggest heart and is missed by many.


Sammy Regali

Right around this time two years ago, you were found wandering in Millsboro, VA all by yourself. Despite a lot of effort, your owners never claimed you. Initially considered “unadoptable” given your snowy white face and obvious old age, I stumbled across your picture online and immediately fell in love. Deciding to adopt an old dog wasn’t easy, because I knew today would eventually come and I knew my heart would break into a million pieces….But I also knew you didn’t see it that way. You had a lot more love to give. So you came home with us for a fresh start. Since then, you’ve visited every park and vineyard and golf course and dog-friendly B&B in central VA, jumped in a pool with a lifevest on, ate homemade dog cake and ice cream, went on hundreds of your beloved car rides, and slept in comfy hotel beds from Nags Head to Asheville. You let me cry into your fur more times than I’d like to admit and have made every day a little bit sweeter.
Some people probably think I’m silly for caring so much about an old dog I only knew for two years, but they didn’t know you. I only wish I could be with you for all the new adventures you’ll go on when your legs are working better and that silly old cancer is gone. Run free, sweet boy, and know that you are always with me. Love, your mom


Ria Bryant

Ria was a very unique and rare dog. We called her Ferdinand because she loved laying in the flowers and grass by herself. She would sniff the air and flowers around her watching everyone else go about their day. She could find any body of water wherever we were and would splash around joyfully. She was very loyal and would keep an eye on me at all times just to make sure I was okay. I planted hydrangeas in honor of Ria’s love for beautiful flowers. Words cannot describe how much she will be missed.


Allie Bruggman

Allie (March 2004-March 2017) was a corgi/cattle dog mix. She was a rescue and we adopted her in 2006. Allie had 3 previous names and we will never know her story but we were the lucky ones. She was very intelligent, well-mannered, obedient, independent, protective, and quiet. She would let us know when it was time for any affection. True to the cattle dog breed, she developed a strong attachment to her owner. My husband was her person and she would not let him out of her sight. She would wait by the door whenever he was gone.
Our final gift to her was preparing for a peaceful death. Knowing she would be leaving us was very hard. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Thorpe for helping us through this difficult and emotional time. Allie had a good life with lots of love.

D. L. Bruggeman


Lexi K

“Lexi was a very sweet girl who loved to run, swim, eat treats, and most of all, be with her family. We all really miss her. She will live in our hearts forever.”