Remembering Eppie

July 23, 2018

Our dear sweet Epiphany. We called her Eppie. September 1, 2004-July 17, 2018

Eppie was the runt and wasn’t supposed to make it. After living in a kennel for two years, she adopted herself to Mom and Dad in Camden, Maine. She was “Dog of the Year” and has a plaque at the Camden National Bank. She decided her Mom and Dad needed to be closer to family so she moved them to Charlottesville. Her pack lived in the cottages at the Colonnades until health issues moved everyone to Assisted Living. Eppie continued to bring joy and comfort to everyone she met. Eppie’s devotion and companionship countered the ugly grip of serious physical difficulties for Mom and the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease on Dad. After retiring from caregiving, Eppie spent the last two years romping in the garden and generally being spoiled rotten. Her smile, gentle nudges, kisses, wiggles and unconditional love will be remembered and cherished forever. ❤️