Remembering Griff

August 6, 2018

Griff (aka Griffers, Griffie, Mr. G, G-man, G$)

Words cannot even begin to describe my love for you and the gratitude that i have for you. Loving you was the best thing that I've done. In doing so, you returned that love exponentially and unconditionally. When I've seen my darkest days, you were there to remind me of the light. It is no coincidence that you came into my life the day that I returned from eating disorder treatment. When we met, we chose each other. For me, it was love at first sight. You, on the other hand, enjoyed the chase! I'll never forget the first time that you comforted me with your head on my lap, You were a constant source of love and laughter. You protected me with a fierce loyalty. You reminded me to play, explore, and go on adventures.

The bond we shared was unequivocal to any that I've had or will have. Before my soulmat came, it was you - my soul dog. I may have been your third home, but with me is where you were meant to be. You lived such an amazing life and touched so many people along the day. You wore your therapy dog vest with pride as well as all of the silly costumes...just to make me happy. I will never forget the feel of your fur, the velvet of your ears, your listening ear, the feel of your wet kisses, or the wag of your tail. I'd give anything to hear it thumping as I enter the house.

You spent most of your life sleeping in my bed, curled up behind my bent knees, protecting me. And when it came time for our family to grow, you loved each and every addition. There were many times when you were my reason for living. Thank you for giving me fore months to heal myself and prepare for your passing. I would've never felt fully prepared, but you waited until you knew that I wasn't too broken. I will never have a bond with a dog the way that I had with you.

Thank you for licking my tears, being silly, always obeying, hiking, swimming, traveling, cuddling, drooling, fetching, loving - for being with me and sharing this life.

You are my Griffers, my only Griffers
You make me happy 'cause Griff is grey
You'll never know, dear, how much I love you
Please don't take my Griffers away