Dr. Thorpe is not accepting new patients at this time. If you are in need of home care for your pet, she recommends the following providers:

Dr. Jennifer Magill with Skyline Veterinary Housecalls - https://skylinevetva.com/
Dr. Devlyn D’Alfonzo with Balanced Veterinary Care -
Dr. George Belby with James River Animal Housecalls -

Remembering Jake

August 9, 2018

Quoting Jake’s human sister:  Jake, you came into our lives and family at a time we didn’t even know how much we needed you!  You were such a joyful pup and brought so much happiness to our family.  You could run like the wind, swim like a duck, eat like you were always starving, drool like an open faucet, play hide and seek like a real pro and love so unconditionally no matter the circumstances.  We will miss so many things about you.  We are all so grateful that thunder won’t cause you to shake and pant anymore and that a doorbell ringing or a siren coming down the road won’t cause you such distress. May you find all the orange squishy balls and play endlessly with great abandon.  We will miss you dear boy…always and forever.  Love, Your Family

Janet Centini