Dr. Thorpe is not accepting new patients at this time. If you are in need of home care for your pet, she recommends the following providers:

Dr. Jennifer Magill with Skyline Veterinary Housecalls - https://skylinevetva.com/
Dr. Devlyn D’Alfonzo with Balanced Veterinary Care -
Dr. George Belby with James River Animal Housecalls -

Hospice Care

Veterinary Hospice is a philosophy of care, rather than a place. The hospice viewpoint is that death is not a medical failure, but simply the final stage of life. The focus of care becomes quality of life. Hospice care is appropriate when your pet has been diagnosed with a terminal disease or is simply extremely aged.  When cure is not possible, our pets still deserve the highest quality care to keep them as comfortable and pain-free as possible and to experience death with dignity and compassion.

Sage Veterinary Services provides education, guidance and support for families dealing with this difficult part of pet ownership. We help create an environment for a safe, caring and intimate end-of-life experience for your pet in the comfort of the familiar home environment. Our services include pain management, palliative medical care, nutritional counseling, maintaining hydration, managing issues of mobility and hygiene, quality of life assessments and caretaker support.  Choosing hospice for your pet does not exclude euthanasia.  In fact, most hospice patients are euthanized in the end.

The initial home visit includes a review of your pet’s medical records, observation of your pet and their environment, a physical examination and an in-depth discussion of your expectations, concerns and hopes for your pet’s final days. Within a few days you will receive a comprehensive plan for your pet’s care. Follow up visits are based on the needs of the pet and the family.

Pet hospice is not for every family. Making decisions about your pet’s end-of-life care are never easy. Have you accepted that your pet is dying? Do you have the energy, time, support and financial resources to care for your pet in their last days? Are you comfortable learning to give medications and other supportive treatments to your pet? If you feel that pet hospice is right for your family, please contact us to discuss further or schedule your initial visit. If not, remember that veterinary medicine is also blessed with being able to help our patients die peacefully and painlessly. Sage Veterinary Services also provides in-home euthanasia services.